Cooling technical solutions

For each situation, a cooled solution.

When choosing your cooling equipment, you will look at the storage capacity, so you can cool enough beverages for immediate consumption. It will also be interesting for you to study carefully how you wish to cool these beverages. Gamko can advise you!

What to decide when you have several coolers?

Be aware that each plug ready cooler-freezer has its own compressor which uses electricity from the power network. When you will have two or more bottle coolers, it can therefore be interesting to look at a split refrigeration system (also known as remote). A split arrangement means that the compressor has not been built into the refrigerator itself, but for example will be placed on the roof or in a basement. This has the advantage that you have more storage space underneath the bar, and there is less noise and heat released in your bar area. In addition, the combination of several coolers to one split compressor will lead to energy advantages. This protects the environment and reduces your energy bill.

Combining coolers to 1 split unit is limited to 2 or 3 per refrigeration unit. If you have more coolers to be connected (for example, the refrigeration from your kitchen), you have the option to choose several units, but you can also consider buying a unit with greater digital capacity controlled compressors or units. These are built up of several compressors which are connecting and disconnecting according to the currently required capacity.

With the latter solutions, you can save even more on your energy, because these systems continuously adapt their capacity to the required cooling capacity.

There is in every situation several refrigeration capabilities. Please talk to your dealer or to our project team to get additional advice.

Cooling technical solutions