Beer coolers

Mobile beer cooler & bar

Handy and portable. Easy tapping at celebrations and events

With our range of beer coolers, either fitted in a fixed place or mobile, you can always serve perfectly chilled beer with the best taste experience every time. Gamko manufactures and supplies beer coolers both in a vertical and horizontal model, which are designed to be plug ready with a built-in condensing unit. Cooling water tanks are also available for a split design.

All Gamko beer coolers and cooling water tanks work using an open water bath, and are suitable for a variety of beer coils designed with an ice bank thermostat. Gamko beer coolers are available in a variety of volumes, suitable for two to twelve types of beer, with a maximum tap capacity of about 530 litres per hour.

For celebrations and events, the compact, plugin, mobile cooler comes with a draught capacity of up to 31 litres per hour. Gamko can also supply your mobile bar in many designs. To do so, contact Gamko for an individual quotation.

Mobile Bar

Mobile Bar

Using our tried and tested keg cooler technology, the mobile bar is a simple and efficient way to draft beer directly from a standalone unit. In no time at all...

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