Case study Buddha Bar St. Petersburg

Add value to the interior space

Buddha Bar St. Petersburg is a comfortable bar reflected with a clever atmosphere, through the interaction of light and music which helps to relax customers from the hectic city buzz.


Buddha Bar music is traditionally exo¬tic and has a rare selection of tracks specially created by musical residents of Buddha Bar’s global network. The DJs at the Bud­dha Bar easily mix Indian, Arabian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American, Peruvian and Greek rhythms.

The atmosphere and the integration of the bar equipment were the two main themes for this establishment. The Buddha Bar in St. Petersburg has a large amount of space, so it was a real challenge to influence the atmosphere of the restaurant.

“ Guests are really astonished when the coloured EQUAL-LED lighting is timed with the beat of the music. ” (end customer Buddha Bar St. Petersburg)

The music plays an important part in the bar to emphasise and strengthen the environment, we connected the bar equipment to the music installation. The bars consists mainly of FLEXBAR glass storage segments which were equipped with the coloured EQUAL-LED lighting to enhance the mood in the bar.


Facts about the project:

  • 3 large bars on various locations
  • 5 cocktail stations
  • All bars conected to music installation

The result of connecting these bars with special DMX-cables to the music instal¬lation is really astonishing. All storage segments are running simultaneously and reacts to the beat of the music. This feature helps to link the bar with the large space area, and has in the meantime also provided a positive contribution to the intire bar atmosphere.

" Flexbar suits the Buddha Bar concept well. " (Anastasia Startseva Technoflot)

The main bar of the Buddha Bar is a very long extended bar with a lot of expensive liquor and beverages stored. To protect this supply, all Flexbar storage segments could be locked in one go at the turn of a single key through the Flexbar’s patented Central Electronic Locking System.

Buddhabar Gamko


Buddha bar Gamko


buddha bar Gamko