Manchester House

Manchester House

Manchester House bottle coolers

Open throughout the day for business lunches or afternoon tea, the views only improve after sunset, making it the perfect place for some of the city’s finest cocktails and wines.

Sam Shepherd - Bar and Restaurant Manager at The Lounge said: “it was this location which prompted developers to create an  exclusive bar utilising the city’s views. When it came to choosing equipment, the design team needed to ensure the quality of the kit they used lived up to the customer’s expectations and the elegance of the setting. It was no surprise that they chose Gamko to fit the bar equipment throughout. Because we are on the top floor of the building, the bar has a panoramic view of the city – with key landmarks  visible from every angle. Views are striking - you can clearly see the Town Hall and Manchester Eye.

Gamko took a consultative approach – looking at our space and needs, and then made their recommendations. They gave us different options and configurations. Our business is about high quality in all we do, and great customer service. We serve drinks at the right temperature, in an interesting and welcoming location, offering customers the chance to chill out and have a drink.

“That’s why we chose Gamko – for their skill and expertise. We wanted to develop a space that would be different to other
bars, so our bar has a long row of drinks bottles spanning the length of the bar (a total of 15 metres) and then the bar cooling equipment has pride of place at the front of the bar. We stock hundreds of different liquors.”

The rows of bottles against the glass window give a distinct look to the bar. Our vision to fully utilise the panoramic views means that we have an unusual space to house our refrigeration requirements. It isn’t a standard square space, which allows for instant consistency with ordered bottles, neat rows etc which made for a different design challenge.

We need really sturdy and hardwearing, quality equipment. We need refrigeration that is reliable and holds the temperature consistently. The products must be easy to clean and maintain. Another important factor is ensuring that the product has low running costs and is efficient – the E2s have LED lights, and run on environmentally friendly hydrocarbon gas, which is
very appealing to us.

Ergonomics is key in our business – staff need to be able to move around comfortably and at speed – the bar has to be easy to work in, so Gamko added speed rails.

On top of this, we have just started serving food in the bar, and the Gamko solution is working really well for us in this respect, we have been really pleased with the service and the ease of the installation process.

“Gamko have really worked in partnership with us. We know we will be looked after by the Gamko team their continued support helps us to not compromise on the quality and temperature of the drinks that we serve.”



For Bar Area:

3 x Eco-line cabinets


1 x Maxiglass cabinet


4 x Solid door glass frosters


For Restaurant Area:

1 x Maxiglass counter MG1/250DDCS