Case Studies

Manchester House

The outside of Tower 12 in Spinningfields Manchester
may look like any other high-rise, but this square tower
block is full of hidden gems within.

Inside this unique venue in the centre of ManchesterManchester House
are two distinct experiences; the Restaurant by Aiden
Byrne on level 2 and the Lounge on level 12, a bar
offering panoramic views of the city.

The Lounge

The Lounge and its private terraces on Floor 12 are
pure luxury. This monochromatic bar is not only the
epitome of decadence, but with its wraparound views
of Manchester it provides customers with an added
sense of relaxation and class.

The Lounge’s unique vista means it is a great venue;
day or night. Open throughout the day for business
lunches or afternoon tea, the views only improve after
sunset, making it the perfect place for some of the
city’s finest cocktails and wines.

Sam Shepherd - Bar and Restaurant Manager at The
Lounge said: “it was this location which prompted
developers to create an exclusive bar utilising the
city’s views. When it came to choosing equipment,
the design team needed to ensure the quality of the
kit they used lived up to the customer’s expectations
and the elegance of the setting. It was no surprise that
they chose Gamko to fit the bar equipment throughout.
Because we are on the top floor of the building, the bar
has a panoramic view of the city – with key landmarks
visible from every angle. Views are striking - you can
clearly see the Town Hall and Manchester Eye. Gamko
took a consultative approach – looking at our space
and needs, and then made their recommendations.
They gave us different options and configurations.
Our business is about high quality in all we do, and
great customer service. We serve drinks at the right
temperature, in an interesting and welcoming location,
offering customers the chance to chill out and have a

“That’s why we chose Gamko – for theirManchester House
skill and expertise. We wanted to develop
a space that would be different to other
bars, so our bar has a long row of drinks
bottles spanning the length of the bar
(a total of 15 metres) and then the bar
cooling equipment has pride of place at
the front of the bar. We stock hundreds
of different liquors.”

The rows of bottles against the glass window give a
distinct look to the bar. Our vision to fully utilise the
panoramic views means that we have an unusual
space to house our refrigeration requirements. It
isn’t a standard square space, which allows for instant
consistency with ordered bottles, neat rows etc which
made for a different design challenge.

We need really sturdy and hardwearing, quality
equipment. We need refrigeration that is reliable and
holds the temperature consistently. The products must
be easy to clean and maintain. Another important
factor is ensuring that the product has low running
costs and is efficient – the E2s have LED lights, and run
on environmentally friendly hydrocarbon gas, which is
very appealing to us.

Ergonomics is key in our business – staff need to be
able to move around comfortably and at speed – the
bar has to be easy to work in, so Gamko added speed

On top of this, we have just started serving food in the
bar, and the Gamko solution is working really well for
us in this respect, we have been really pleased with the
service and the ease of the installation process.

“Gamko have really worked in partnership
with us. We know we will be looked
after by the Gamko team their continued
support helps us to not compromise on
the quality and temperature of the drinks
that we serve.”

Bella Napoli Glasgow

Bottle Cooling, with Italian style

When Glaswegian chef, Domenico Crolla,
decided to re-vamp his popular Bella Napoli
restaurant in the city, he knew his back bar
drinks cooling equipment had to make as much
of an impact as the top quality Italian dishes on
the menu – so he asked Gamko for help.

Gamko at Bella Napoli

Foster Refrigerator and Gamko dealer, Offrex
Catering Equipment were chosen to work
on this installation because of an existing
business relationship with the restaurant.
Crolla, wanted to modernise the Bella Napoli
restaurant, to update the décor without
losing any of the rustic charm and relaxed
atmosphere which Bella Napoli customers love.

Serving a wide menu of traditional Italian and
Mediterranean foods, from lunch until dinner,
this busy venue had to make sure its drinks
were cooled to perfection and displayed to
catch the customer’s eye without dominating
and changing the ambience of the intimate

Crolla said: “We were looking for attractive
drinks cooling equipment that offered quality,
reliability and longevity. Such renovations are
a big investment and we need to make sure the
equipment will work properly and last a long
time, for at least another 10 years.

He added: “We already use a range of Foster
Refrigerator equipment, so we were really
pleased to look at Foster’s sister company,
Gamko, and its drinks cooling range as we
knew straight away the sister brand would
feature the same quality we expect.”

Gamko Regional Business Manager Stuart
Grieves, said he worked alongside dealer
Franco Lizzeri, Director of Offrex Catering
Equipment, to provide Crolla with the right
drinks coolers to suit his needs.

He said: “We knew we wanted a range of
equipment to cool bottles of wine, beers and
soft drinks, so both counter level back bar
and cabinet size were needed. We conducted
a detailed assessment of the site to find out
which product would be best for the exact size
and capacity needed.

“The final selection included three Gamko
Maxiglass upright cabinets, which are great for
displaying product and hold large volumes of
wines or bottles, which means staff shouldn’t
have to replenish during service. We also
provided the restaurant with two counter-level
Maxiglass coolers for back bar use.”

As longevity and return on investment were a
crucial part of this brief, the Bella Napoli team
also chose one of Gamko’s market-leading
energy-saving E3 coolers.

The E3 is the latest model in Gamko’s successful
Eco-Line range, and is designed to be very
energy efficient, with 60% more energy
efficiency than Gamko’s ECO model, saving
operators around £175 per year in running
costs - the equivalent of 50 bottles of beer a

The outcome

Bella Napoli Chef, Domenico Crolla said the
impact of the new Gamko equipment has been

Crolla said: “We are really pleased with the
new equipment. We serve a lot of beverages
during both lunch and dinner times, and we
now know we can 100% rely on the Gamko
equipment to ensure the drinks are served at
the correct temperature, every time.

“What is more, the E3 is very efficient, so we are
saving on monthly running costs, and they look
great too!”

Seafood Company Barley Mow

Spooky beginnings in Pendle

When Seafood Pub Company continued its
expansion to include a new venue in the historic
village of Pendle, famous for the Pendle Witches,
opening its doors for Halloween 2014 made perfect


The team at Seafood Pub Company had a very
specific vision for the venue – to make it a proper
pub, serving proper pub food. With a menu which
includes grills, and uses flame to add flavour, the
food on offer ranges from lunchtime sandwiches and
chips, to hearty evening meals and seafood.
The drinks cooling requirements for Barley Mow
needed to be as reliable as possible – a proper
pub should always serve its drinks at the correct
temperature for that perfect drink at the point of

E3 takes centre stage at Barley Mow
Barley Mow is the sixth pub in Seafood Pub
Company’s portfolio of venues across Lancashire
and was refurbished to ensure its dual functions of
serving both drinks and food could work seamlessly
hand in hand.

Stuart Grieves, Regional Business Manager at Gamko,
worked closely with Executive Chairman, Andrew
Mclean, and Managing Director, Joycelyn Neve,
to assess the precise drinks cooling requirements
needed at Barley Mow, including detailed site visits
and design plans.

Joycelyn Neve said: “We are in the process
of further expansion and obviously need
to ensure each site functions as smoothly
as possible, so when we set up Barley
Mow, our first instinct was to go with
equipment we knew, and that we could
trust. We have worked with Gamko in
the past, and so we knew its reliability
credentials and wanted to hear more
about which new products were on offer.”
Stuart Grieves said: “Barley Mow is a very
busy pub, and we knew Joycelyn,
Andrew and the team needed coolers
which held large capacities, as well as
being reliable. Because of the quantities
needed, energy efficiency was also
paramount, as a chain of pubs, operating
costs can soon add up. Finally the
company needed equipment which would
fit in well with subsequent builds, so that
each site had a similar look and feel.”

Seafood Pub Company chose to install three Gamko
E3 drinks coolers, for its duel benefits of increased
capacity, and energy savings. The E3 four-door
option holds a massive 722 bottles (33cl), saving bar
operators time, and ensuring a smooth customer
experience with drinks served at the perfect
temperature, every time.

E3 has been designed to include natural
Hydrocarbon refrigerants as standard, making it
incredibly energy efficient saving customers around
60%/year (when compared with the Gamko ECO 2
door model), offering more sustainable, environmentally
friendly refrigeration. The latest model in
Gamko’s successful Eco-Line range, the E3 can save
operators around £175 per year in running costs - the
equivalent of 50 bottles of beer per year.
It also looks the part, its stylish design for fixed bar
layouts such as found at Barley Mow, includes glass
doors, allowing customers full view of the cooled
drinks displayed. Barley Mow also fitted a Gamko
Maxiglass cabinet, again designed to showcase the
products to catch the customers’ eye.

Seafood Pub Company Executive
Chairman Andrew Mclean said: “We are
really happy with the support we received
from the Gamko team throughout this
process and plan to use Gamko in our new
venues. The E3 is a great product, which you
really can rely on to keep the drinks cool,
even in really busy pubs like Barley Mow.”