Introducing... Flexbar

Your bar. Your way.

For 40 years, Gamko have been known as pioneers in the development of modular bar systems.

In 1979, for the first time, it was possible to create a bar unique to you, using detachable sections, fronts and accessories, whilst retaining all the high quality refrigeration features.

Today this can be found with the aptly named Flexbar. With over 140 modules to choose from, Flexbar gives you the flexibility to design a bar perfect for your space. Our team of highly experienced bar designers are on hand to help you along the way. Whether you need a cocktail bar with speed rails, back bar storage with a barista station, or storage cabinets with glass doors to show off your range of drinks, your dream bar isn’t far away.

The options are endless, with different finishes, four temperature zones and drawers or doors! You can even eQuip your bar with unique graphics to blend in or to stand out.

Reliability has never looked so good

We live in a time of concepts, which makes the catering and foodservice industries more interesting than ever. Every establishment has a unique design and its own personality and appearance. This is exactly what Flexbar was made for. Retain quick and quality service, while creating a sense of theatre with your bar equipment.

Whether you want a straight, gently curving, or circular bar, our in-house experts can design your bespoke bar layout, creating a drawing and 3D model to help you visualise your new bar in situ on your premises.

Your back bar is typically in full view of your customers, so why not use it to set the mood. Hosting a Valentine’s Day special, a Halloween party or St Patrick’s Day celebration? Flexbar’s coloured LED lighting creates ambiance and can be used to ensure that your bar is the main attraction. LEDs are energy saving and don’t give off as much heat as traditional lighting, meaning the refrigeration system doesn’t have to compensate.

An efficient bar is a successful bar

The practicality of your bar is just as important as the aesthetics. Having high quality, reliable refrigeration is the basis of good business management, and a well-designed bar can work hard to increase serving speed and maximise your profits. Best of all, with your drinks displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way, impulse purchases are more likely.

All materials, closures and handles have been designed to be robust enough to withstand thousands of openings, closings, bumping, scratching and brushing, prolonging the lifespan and professional look of your bar.

Our innovative central electronic locking system (CELS) means that you can secure your refrigeration with one key, keeping your valuable produce safely stored during periods of no-service.

Flexbar isn’t just for new bars or refurbishments, it can be installed at established premises looking for new equipment.  As the name suggests, it’s a flexible solution, so small bars and restricted spaces are no problem.   

We’re the experts when it comes to drinks cooling and are here to help you design your dream bar. So, what are you waiting for?

Want a completely bespoke bar? Then Flexbar is for you.

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