Introducing... Maxiglass

Maximum Display. Minimum Power Consumption.

Signature drinks, craft ales and fine wines deserve a stage, which is why Gamko developed the Maxiglass range.

With the trend of eye-catching labels and attractive bottles in full swing, it makes sense to have bottle coolers that display your range of beverages to the max, helping you to sell more whilst keeping them at the perfect temperature.

Maxiglass runs effortlessly and efficiently, showing bottled drinks in their best light, maximising your opportunity to sell.

With market leading capacity, our Maxiglass range can store between 140 and 480 bottles! This saves your staff time restocking, giving them more time to serve customers and allows you to show off your vast array of drinks. By not having to restock as often, the temperature in your Maxiglass unit remains stable, as regular restocking of smaller capacity fridges results in cooled air escaping, causing your unit to work harder at keeping drinks cool.

Seize every sales opportunity by choosing a unit that showcases your stock, runs quietly and efficiently in the background, and can be relied upon in tough conditions.

Our Maxiglass range is available in standard, low- and high-rise, multiple widths, and with hinged or sliding doors (great for tight spaces!), meaning there’s a Maxiglass to suit every bar space. Get the look you want as well, with either anthracite or stainless steel. Solid doors are also available.  

Maxiglass has been designed with Gamko’s commitment to the environment in mind, using R600a hydrocarbon refrigerant. It’s low global warming potential (GWP) reduces your carbon footprint, whilst lowering the cost of running and maintaining it.

We have energy efficient fans which ensure rapid, even spread of the cool air. This decreases energy consumption and reduces waste from spoiled stock.

And of course, our LED lighting doesn’t give off nearly as much heat as traditional lighting, so the refrigeration system doesn’t have to compensate. Our range also has a separate light switch, so you can save energy by turning off the lights outside opening hours without affecting the refrigeration system.

As bar specialists, we’ve engineered solid, sturdy shelves inside the Maxiglass because they are easier to keep clean and bottles are more stable, speeding up the process of cleaning and restocking. The height of our shelves can be adjusted to accommodate your preferred bottle sizes.

We’ve engineered Maxiglass with a pull-out service tray at the back of the unit, meaning ease of access, minimum downtime during routine service and maintenance, and with robust doors and gaskets, the Maxiglass can handle heavy usage without regular callouts and site disruption.

Want to increase impulse buys? Then Maxiglass is for you.

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