Prepare your refrigeration for summer

With long summer evenings just around corner, it’s the perfect time to ensure your bar is ready for action. If your bottle coolers need a little TLC, then read on! We’ve put together five helpful tips, so you start your busy season on the right note. Follow them and you’ll be prepared to serve perfectly chilled drinks during the long, (hopefully) hot summer.

  1. Clean the condenser

Make sure you regularly clean the condenser in your refrigeration. The condenser ensures that the heat your fridge generates can dissipate, leaving your machine working despite the high temperatures outside. 

Use a brush to clean the condenser, working from the bottom upwards. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, so that it doesn’t end up in the fan. Afterwards, shine a light on the condenser to check all the dust has gone.

Watch our video of how to clean your condenser here.

  1. Check the door gaskets

Our magnetic door and drawer gaskets are engineered to stop cooled air from escaping, and warm air finding its way inside. Check before the summer to see whether your gaskets are still completely intact, look for any cracks or gaps. Ensuring a perfect seal prevents unnecessary condensation and energy wastage. Magnetic gaskets are easy to replace if needed, watch our video of how to do so, here.

  1. Check racks, trays and drawers

Make sure that shelving and racks inside the bottle cooler are secure. By doing this, you can prevent shelves and trays from slipping and falling off when there is a rush of orders, requiring many bottled drinks from your coolers during the summer. 

Additionally, make sure that the wheels and rails of your drawers are well greased so that they open smoothly.

Watch our video of how to mount shelves in your cooler here.

  1. Keep the evaporator clear

Of course, during busy summer days you’ll want to keep as many beverages chilled as possible, but make sure the fridge is not overfilled. Staff should be aware that the evaporator in the cooler should be kept clear. 

The evaporator allows cold air to circulate within your refrigeration. When the bottle cooler is too full, this disrupts the air ventilation making the cooling system less efficient. When this happens, the cooled air does not reach all drinks, resulting in unwanted ‘hot spots’.

  1. Train your staff

Help make staff aware of how their habits and behaviour can affect your bottle coolers. We’ve included three additional helpful tips: 

  • Make sure that your staff replenishes the bottle cooler after closing time, so stock is ready for the next day. If it is done the next morning or afternoon, despite our fast cool-down time, you can run the risk that the drinks aren’t quite at the right temperature when the customer orders.
  • Remind staff to close the fridge door. If the door is left ajar, warm air is drawn in and the evaporator continues to cool, increasing the chance that it will freeze.
  • Make staff aware that it is better to limit the number of times they open the fridge during busy period as much as possible. Try to combine multiple orders so that you open the door once, meaning less cold air can escape from the fridge.

By maintaining your equipment, you are extending its lifetime and saving yourself money in the long run. Just last year, Gamko found a working bottle cooler dating from 1975.

And if all else fails and you’re hosting your biggest event of the season tomorrow…don’t worry, our SOS free next day delivery service is here to save the day!  

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