SOS Free Next Day Delivery Extended Order Deadline

Orders on Foster and Gamko’s most popular products can now be placed up until 3pm for free next day delivery.

“Following the success of our SOS service over the last 12 months, we are in a position to push back the deadline for ordering products for next day delivery,” said Nick Bamber, European Head of Marketing. “Restaurants and bars rely heavily on their refrigeration, and by pushing back the deadline as we have, it will make it even easier for our customers to carry on with what’s important to them: making quality food and serving perfectly chilled beverages.”

The SOS free 24-hour delivery is available across Foster and Gamko’s most popular ranges, including EcoPro G2, XTRA, Slimline, Maxiglass and more.

To ensure customers get their order on time and as they expected, Foster and Gamko have produced a helpful video highlighting the important initial checks all customers should make before using the SOS service or ordering in general. The video can be found here

Previously the deadline for ordering on next day delivery was 12.30pm.