Brexit Statement

Please note that this statement will be continually updated, and therefore it is recommended to check back regularly for the latest information.


Preparations for the UK Exit from the EU (Brexit)

Gamko is proactively taking steps to prepare for the UK’s  exit from the European Union on 31 December 2020 to ensure a smooth experience for our customers during the transition.

We have a cross-functional Brexit Strategy Working Group which meets on a weekly basis to discuss the latest government and trade body advice and adjust our plans accordingly. We are also proactively engaging with numerous organisations, including FEABEIS and DEFRA to ensure we have the latest verified information and are fully aware of any regulatory changes for during and post Brexit.

Finished goods

Gamko UK holds a significant number of our most popular products at our King’s Lynn based site, which means we do not foresee an issue with product availability. The stock holding has been doubled to ensure we protect customers from any delays in supply.

We always encourage our customers to speak to us about their demand during the Brexit period so that we can produce the stock to ensure a continuity of supply.

We also have access to additional local UK finished goods warehousing space should this extra measure become necessary.

UK border delays

Our robust stock management plan means that any potential risks from border delays are being mitigated and will not affect our ability to supply product to our customers.

Lead times

There is no anticipated impact on normal lead times due to the increase in stock holding.

We work closely with our customers and encourage them to continue talking to us about their forecasts to ensure we maintain a continuity of supply.


Through discussions with FEA, we anticipate that there will be a ‘soft’ UK regulatory transition throughout 2021. Currently, there will be no regulatory changes required to the existing CE process, as all CE regulations are planned to remain the same between the UK and Europe. Gamko will be introducing the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) mark on all products between now and Quarter 1 of 2021.

Last updated 7 October 2020