Counter Top Bottle Unit

Counter Top Bottle Unit

Gamko manufactures and supplies convenient coolers and freezers suitable for counter top or surface-mounting. These compact top loaders for bottles, also referred to as counter top coolers/freezers, are plug-ready and ideal for serving chilled wine, liqueur or vodka by the glass, at a constant temperature. The cooler provides a good view of the bottles from above. As a result you can conveniently and quickly see what you are looking for to ensure smooth service behind the bar. In addition, a bottle cooler built into the counter top is a real eye-catcher, and when you combine it with the correct glasses, you can give the bar a very professional image.

Bottle cooler & freezer counter top

  • Compact top loader for bottles
  • Perfect for counter top or surface-mounting
  • For chilling or freezing drinks
  • Ideal for quick service

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