abstract view of a Gamko counter top cooler

Countertop coolers


Countertop coolers and freezers

Convenient coolers and freezers

 Suitable for counter top or insetting into the counter.


Countertop coolers and freezers

The cooler provides a good view of the bottles from above.  As a result you can conveniently and quickly see what you are looking for to ensure smooth service behind the bar.

The VKHC/10 model can be built-in or built-on to the worktop and has a maximum capacity of 10 bottles. The VKHC/12 model has been developed to be built into the work top and has a capacity of 12 bottles.

Plug ready and ideal for serving chilled wine, liqueur or spirits  by the glass, at a constant temperature.

Compact top loader for bottles, ideal for quick service during busy periods. 

304 is the gold standard in performance stainless steel and our unique polishing system means the heaviest touchpoints are covered.


Take a look at the countertop cooler

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