Stunning bar setting with Gamko unit at the back of the bar with beautifully illuminated bottles both inside and on top.


How to level your bottle cooler

Levelling feet enables you to install your refrigeration on uneven floors while remaining in position during operation. Bottles and glasses can be stored safely in a secure without the risk of them tipping over.

The height can also be adjusted to suit your needs.  




How to level your bottle cooler

  • Firstly, place a spirit level inside the cooler to see which side needs adjusting. 
  • Use an alan key to adjust the legs through the bottom of the cooler, removing the caps over the screws as necessary. Turn clockwise to lengthen the legs or anticlockwise to shorten them.
  • Check the spirit level see if its now level. Remember to cover the screws with finishing caps to fully seal the unit. 
  • Remove the spirit level.
Tess Posthumus opens a Gamko unit
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