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Preventing condensation

Condensation is a natural phenomenon. It occurs when water vapor comes into contact with an object that is colder than the surrounding air. Just like condensation builds up during a shower, you sometimes see the windows of cooling equipment mist up.

Condensation is not a sign of your bottle cooler not working, but it does mean that the refrigeration system is working harder than it should be.



Firstly, check that door and/or drawer gaskets are undamaged. Condensation is the first sign of warm air getting into the cabinet, which means more energy is being consumed to continuously chill the interior. If gaskets show signs of wear or damage, its time to replace them.


Make sure your bottle coolers are not placed next to a radiator or other heat source. Warmer air has a greater ability to hold moisture, which means it doesn’t need to get as cold before it condensates out – so warm moist air will condensate before colder air.

a bartender prepares a cocktail
A smiling bartender prepares a cocktail


Increase the temperature of your bottle cooler. Reducing the difference between the ambient room temperature and the inside of the bottle cooler means that condensation is less likely to form. For example, go from 3°C to 6°C. This way your drinks are still nice and cool, but your refrigeration system has less work to do (which can save you money on your energy bills!)

Remember, not all drinks need to be chilled to the same low temperature. Check our drinks temperature guide for more guidance. 

Is your bottle cooler in a new building? Did you know a new building has a higher humidity so the chance of condensation forming is also increased. This naturally decreases over time so the condensation will also decrease.

Misty windows or mullions or the outside surface of the bottle cooler is normal. However, if you see water droplets between the glass panes, this requires some attention as the integrity of the insulation property of the glass is compromised. Please contact your local dealer or get in touch.

a cocktail is seen in the foreground with a bartender in the background
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