Environmental policy

As a responsible manufacturer, Gamko is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, improving sustainability and acting socially responsibly.

Gamko views environmental management as an integral part of its overall business decision-making, and strives to achieve environmental best practice in all of its manufacturing and supply operations.

Climate Change

Gamko is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and designing products with the lowest possible environmental impact. Gamko supports the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE) Directive and now recycles over 90% of its product.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants are used in our drinks cooling equipment at no extra cost; these products are called “Noverta” and “Noverta Premium” product lines. Generally, hydrocarbon refrigerants are more energy efficient than HFCs. New refrigerants, such as hydrocarbon refrigerants, have a much reduced global warming potential, as loss of refrigerants from non-hydrocarbon refrigeration systems could have a more significant impact on climate change.

Social Responsibility

Gamko manufactures at its research and development facility in The Netherlands, where the latest state of the art technology is used to create products efficiently, using as little energy as possible within its production processes.

Gamko takes the welfare of its staff very seriously, and provides a safe and attractive environment to work in across all of its global locations.

Independent Verification

Gamko products are tested and verified by environmental independent test authorities and industry recognised audit bodies to ensure the accuracy of Gamko product data communicated to the industry and customers.