a bartender removes a bottle from an MG3 cabinet


How to change gaskets on your
bottle cooler

Damaged gaskets mean that chilled air can escape from the bottle cooler, which can lead unnecessarily high energy usage. It's important to check your gaskets regularly and replace them if needed. 

Below you will find guidance on how to change door and drawer gaskets. 




Door gaskets

We recommend checking your gaskets regularly to ensure a tight seal.

  • Firstly, open the door and peel away the current gasket starting from the corner. 
  • Hold the new gasket in place and attach it by pressing it into the door to secure it. Again, it's easier if you start in the corner. 
a bartender removes a bottle from a Gamko counter



Drawer gaskets

To change the drawer gaskets for your bottle cooler, follow these simple instructions:

  • Remove the magnetic gasket by starting at a corner of the drawer. Once removed, pull it over the drawer. 
  • Lift the new gasket over the drawer and hold firmly against the inside of the drawer front, pressing firmly against the metal strip to secure it in place. 
a bartender removes a bottle from the drawer of a Gamko counter
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