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Bar design


How to choose your bottle cooler

There are many different options available to you and this guide has been designed... read more

Key considerations for bar design

Before a bar designer can determine the size and shape of your bar, it is important to... read more

Design your Flexbar

The options are endless with our modular bar range, so you can have a bar unique to... read more

Product selection guide

Learn more about our range of products... read more




Drinks temperature guide

“Temperature is an important part of how we experience flavour,” said Pritesh Mody, leading flavour expert... read more

The science of temperature and flavour

It’s generally accepted red wine tastes better at room temperature and white wine should be served chilled. But why does temperature have such a dramatic effect... read more


Expert advice


Creating the perfect serve

Gamko’s go-to cocktail making expert, Tess, is here to share her advice to help with the perfect serve... read more

Your bar: the eye-cing on the cake

In the second of three cocktail bar features, Tess discusses how to attract customers to your bar, like bees to a honey pot... read more

Tess’s tricks of the trade

In this final instalment of Tess’s expert opinion features, she focuses on the preparation and maintenance of equipment... read more

Future trends

With innovation, fresh thinking, and new tastes and trends constantly emerging from the dynamic food and drink industry, we’ve been thinking – what’s next in drinks... read more

Interview with Pritesh Mody

From how music affects drinking behavior to the importance of chilling your glasses... read more




Energy toolkit

Read our genius, money saving hacks and how to employ of energy efficient more

Preventing condensation

It occurs when water vapor comes into contact with an object that is colder than more

Are you summer ready?

With long summer evenings just around corner, it’s the perfect time to ensure your bar is... read more




How to clean your condenser

A clean condenser is an efficient more

How to change your gaskets

Gaskets keep cool air from escaping the fridge and should be checked more

How to level your bottle cooler

Our bottle coolers can be adjusted to make sure they sit level even on uneven ground more

How to mount your shelves

Gamko bottle coolers have adjustable shelving, find out how to mount shelves... read more

How to set the temperature of your bottle cooler

Setting the temperature of your bottle cooler is easy, here are the steps for each time of controller we more


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