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Interest-free credit


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We’ve revolutionised
interest-free credit in the UK

Our hugely successful 12-month interest-free credit offer has been doubled, so you’ll now be able to pay for your equipment over 12 or 24 months, all while its working for you. And what’s more, you’ll own the product after the final payment.

Our award-winning offering means we split the payments equally over your chosen period and, subject to credit approval, we don’t even take a deposit! There’s even the option to include the installation and extended warranty cost within the payments. 

What does this mean for
kitchen and bar operators?

The pandemic hit the industry hard, so we’re introducing a three-month payment holiday. That means 3 months of your products working for you for free. The payment will then be spread over the remaining period, so for a 24-month contract, the payment will be spread over 21 months.

Purchasing on interest-free credit means that you’ll have more cash in your bank to get your business back on its feet. There is no minimum order value, so even if you’re just looking for an undercounter, we’re here to support you. 

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Backed by ITW,
a Fortune 250 company

Rest assured, our interest-free credit is offered in-house by ITW, a Fortune 250 company, which means that not only will you be dealing directly with us, it will also streamline the interest-free credit process for you. 

This is the ultimate fully transparent no catches deal.

To find out more, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your local authorised dealer.

Get in touch with our team today for more information:


If interest-free credit isn’t for you, why not look at our new leasing offer!


An optional payment method offered by Foster and Gamko which allows customers to spread the payment of their equipment purchase in installments over a fixed period of time. Interest is not charged for this service, giving customers the opportunity in buying equipment without the upfront financial investment.

No, there is no minimum spend, the only condition is that the agreement must contain at least one finished manufactured product.

The plan can include multiple machines, service contract, accessories, installation & non-Foster and Gamko equipment (up to 25% of agreement value).

There are no admin fees. The price a dealer quotes is the price that the customer will pay. Delivery charges are quoted via the dealer.

No, the customer will own the machine upon the final payment. 

Any equipment purchased through this plan will be owned by ITW Leasing & Finance until the final payment is received.

Dependent on a credit check, no deposit is required. 

No, you will not incur any additional charges for early settlement.

No, your payments will be split into equal monthly payments across the length of your interest-free credit contract.


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