Bar Design


Through the successful completion of numerous large-scale projects around the world, Gamko is also recognised as the expert in Total Bar Solutions. We can work with you to design a full bar to contribute to the success of your business, and that sets you apart from others. Total Bar Solutions starts with an analysis of your requirements, installation and completion on site, and aftercare. During the development of your bar, we will give you our best advice with regards to all the necessary equipment, functionality, look and feel, work tops, front bar solutions, energy savings, etc.

A unique and especially cleverly designed Gamko bar ensures that:

  • The venue will have a stylish and recognisable image (distinctiveness)
  • Visitors love coming back (additional revenues through experience)
  • The waiting staff will be highly efficient and effective (routing / efficiency) 
  • The energy costs are kept to a minimum (energy-efficient solutions) 
  • Peace of mind about the continuity of the cooling systems (reliability)