Cooling technical solutions

For each situation, a tailored solution

The most important part of your bar is the refrigeration and when it comes to choosing your equipment, storage capacity is probably the first feature you look at. Making sure you have the right amount of storage space to serve chilled beverages every time is integral to running an efficient bar.

What to decide when you have several coolers?

There are two types of techincal solutions to consider. The first is a plug ready (sometimes called integral) cooler or freezer, where the refrigeration has a compressor built-in, like your fridge at home.

Where you have more than one or two fridges or freezers in the same area, it is more cost effective to use a remote system (also known as a split refrigeration system). This means that the refrigeration units are in one location and the compressor is placed separately, for example in a cellar or on the roof. The advantage of this is that you have more storage space under the bar, and your equipment gives off less noise and heat in the bar area. On top of this, having a remote system can reduce your energy bill, whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

Combining coolers to a single remote compressor unit is limited to two or three refrigeration units. If you are intending to have additional connections, for example the refrigerators from your kitchen, you can have multiple remote compressors. Alternatively, you could have a single compressor with greater digital capacity controlled compressors, which is made up of several compressors that connect or disconnect according to the current required capacity. This can save even more on your energy as these systems adapt to suit the required cooling capacity.

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Cooling technical solutions