Stan&Co, Amsterdam


“A seamless extension of the team,” said Fred Bus, member of the Board of Management and Development for Debuut, describing the easy collaboration with Gamko.

“The bottle coolers fit perfectly in our bars, they’re durable, work well and, if there are any issues, Gamko sorts them out. Just what you’d expect from the refrigeration experts. I don't buy refrigeration, I buy service."

“Just like every hospitality business, we have our peak moments, mainly in the weekends and evening hours. It rarely happens, but if we have a problem Gamko are available to sort it out," Fred explained. “Reliability and service are the most important aspects for me in the collaboration with Gamko.”

"I’m a Gamko ambassador," Fred joked. 

He has worked closely with Gamko over the 33 years he’s been with Debuut. “There’s not even a discussion about which partner we choose for our refrigeration equipment. All 14 Debuut hospitality set-ups, spread over 35 locations, feature Gamko bottle coolers. Our business model is based on good relationships with our stakeholders. As long as there isn’t a flaw in the chain, there is no reason for me to do it any differently. So far, our bars have been a triumph, and Gamko has a key part in that.”


The most recent collaboration between Debuut and Gamko is the opening of two new Stan&Co bars in Amsterdam and The Hague. “These Stan&Co's are really beautiful. Less industrial than the other locations and more luxurious. This is reflected in the entire interior: from the carefully selected fabrics to the modern lighting. And, of course, the latest Gamko bottle coolers in the bars."

“But I don't hear from my guests about that. And that's a good thing too. Stan&Co is a place for friends, a beautifully decorated living room where you can always go. From coffee to drinks. If the refrigeration is the first thing you notice, then we are not doing something right.”

"The bottom line is that the bottle coolers complement our style perfectly, and do what they need to do," Fred said. 

“Overall it is an enhanced level of service and partnership that makes our collaboration a success.”


Hear from Michael Caines:

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