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Pledge to the Planet

Foster and Gamko have announced their ambitious commitment to reducing carbon emissions using the science-based targets initiative (SBTi).

They have partnered with South Pole, a globally recognised climate consultancy, and undertaken a thorough greenhouse gas benchmarking programme to map their emissions and have submitted their science-based targets to SBTi.

What targets have they set?

Target 1: Foster and Gamko, a division of ITW Ltd. covering operations in the UK, France, and Benelux, commit to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42% by FY 2030 from an FY 2021 base year.

Target 2: Foster and Gamko, a division of ITW Ltd. commit to reduce scope 3 emissions by 52% per unit produced by FY 2030 from an FY 2021 base year. 

“Everyone at Foster and Gamko feels passionate to make a difference and we are committed to do everything we can. We believe the awareness, training and education of our people is a critical factor in continuing to grow sustainability as part of our DNA,” said Chris Playford, Market and Development Director for Foster and Gamko.

“As the topic of greenwash will grow increasingly of importance in our industry, we feel that committing to SBTi acts as a declaration that we are willing to hold ourselves accountable, in a publicly transparent way that distributors and customers alike can trust.”

“Our focus is on continuing to make our products in a sustainable way, and ensuring they are as energy efficient as possible, evident in the 80% energy reduction in our new EcoShow range compared to the previous range, as well as our innovations with EcoPro G3 and Maxiglass.”

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