abstract view of a glass froster

Glass frosters


Glass frosters

Front of house refrigeration

Specially developed for rapid freezing of drinks glasses.

Gamko glass froster
Gamko glass froster
Gamko glass froster

For the perfect serve

Ideal for both glasses and liquors, its strong and efficient cooling system featuring the award winning +stayclear condenser, means glasses or bottles are frozen within minutes.


Glass frosters

Our range of glass frosters are plug ready and available in four different doors, with either a left or right hinge.  

Ultra-efficient cooling system, within a few minutes you will have access to frozen glasses.

Time saving
If you store beverages at room temperature, but need to serve them chilled, a Gamko glass froster is the solution. No longer will you have to pre-chill your glasses with crushed ice in advance of cocktail making.

Anti condensation technology prevents condensation and provides an attractive display of bottles of spirits and liqueur.

Fitted with our award-winning +stayclear condenser, making them not only stylish to look at, but also maintaining a higher performance level.

Gamko glass froster


Take a look inside the glass froster

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