abstract view of an E3 counter

E3 undercounter bottle coolers


E3 undercounter bottle coolers
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Enhanced storage capacity, superb energy efficiency

Groundbreaking capacity and exceptionally low energy usage is the backbone of our E3 range.

3 door E3 counter viewed from an angle with a best seller banner. The counter is fitted with solid doors.
2 door E3 model viewed from an angle. The unit is filled with empty bottles showing the large capacity.
E3 counter with 3 glass doors viewed from an angle. The counter contains beautifully illuminated bottles.

Perfect for both your front and back bars

The E3 boasts a fantastic display area with a sleek and stylish aesthetic. 


TotalChill technology

There are no ‘hot spots’ so all bottles and kegs are cooled equally, and customers are consistently served cold drinks.

a bar tender removes a bottle from a drawer on the Gamko bottle cooler. A tray of drinks can be seen on the counter top with the bar seating area visible in the background.

Refrigeration to suit you

The E3 range is available with drawers, a sleek addition which can make your bar easier for staff to use.


Fitted with vertical dimmable white LED lights as standard to maximise visibility of the drinks on offer.

A smiling bar tender is pouring a draught beer. A Gamko bottle cooler is visible in the background.


E3 undercounter bottle coolers

One three door E3 can hold 127 more bottles than two standard two door bottle coolers, and all on a smaller footprint.

Energy efficient
Over 60% more energy efficient than our previous range meaning you aren’t just saving money, you’re also investing in an environmentally responsible product.

Powerful refrigeration system means you can fill the E3 up and drinks are at the right temperature for the next shift.

Locks come as standard on glass door models, and are optional for solid doors.

Temperature range is adjustable from +2°C to +18°C giving you the flexibility to store white wines, red wines, beers and ciders.


An E3 bottle cooler with 4 glass doors is viewed from an angle. The counter is filled with beautifully illuminated bottles.


Take a look inside the E3


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