Case study Buddha Bar New Delhi

Creating a unique atmosphere

The perfect harmonic relation between the equipment and the interior has given the bar a special place at the restaurant. The patented Gamko Flexbar LED-lighting has a positive influence on the cosy ambience found in this establishment. The circular shaped bar emphasises the importance of the bar area for networking and encourages people to interact with each other.


Since its establishment in 1996, Buddha Bar Paris has been a testament to the true ‘Art of Living’, with rich influences from the Pacific Rim. For over 15 years, the Buddha Bar chain has continued to grow and spread throughout the world, with restaurants, hotels, spas and beauty care businesses.

Buddha Bar can be found in over 25 countries, through its exotic cuisine from around the world it provides much more than an invitation to travel to distant lands. The bar had to have a circular shape and should be the main focus of the business. Therefore, the client decided to locate the bar at the centre of the restaurant. Because there wasn’t any pan¬try space available, it was important to equip the bar with all the necessary equipment needed.

“ We get a lot of positive reactions from our guests about the special lighting behind the bar. ”

In this project the ability for Gamko to custo¬mise the mood and ambience in the bar with the Flexbar LED lighting came in very handy. Flexbar can also be built with curved infills between storage seg¬ments to create a circular cooled area for all the various beverages. The client needed many different temperature zones at the bar because of his extended assort¬ment of beverages.

We used Flexbar stand alone models in order to achieve these tempera­ture zones. The plug ready coolers and freezers have got the same exterior finish as the other Flexbar segments so the uniform look will be continued. The Flexbar Modular Bar System has proven to be the best solution in cases like this with additional options available for further customisation.

Facts about the project:

  • 2 x custom made refrigerated curved Flexbar configurations
  • 3 x large cocktail station
  • 7 x Flexbar stand alone coolers and freezers
  • Coloured EQUAL LED-lighting
  • Bar connected to light computer

CAD file Buddha bar

CAD lay out bar proposal  Buddha Bar New Delhi



Buddha bar gamko