The Fleece, Yorkshire


Neil Pollard
Property Director

When the Seafood Pub Company reopened The Fleece in May 2017, in the quaint village of Addingham, Yorkshire, they were committed to giving it a new lease of life. While being keen to retain the best aspects of the traditional Yorkshire bar, atmospheric dark oak features, soft mood lighting and cosy open fires, the team also wanted to develop new serving areas. The design and layout of the newer parts needed to support the addition of a gin and champagne bar, along with the contemporary function and dining rooms.

Property Director, Neil Pollard from the Seafood Pub Company chose bar refrigeration experts Gamko UK at The Fleece, having worked alongside them on previous renovation projects. With a brief of ‘old meets new,’ the stunning location, with breath-taking high beams, traditional stone fittings and bronze bars meant aesthetics along with the reliability of the bar cooling equipment was of the utmost importance.

Neil Pollard commented: ‘We turned to Stuart at Gamko UK to provide the refrigeration for the bar at The Fleece, as we’d worked alongside him and the team before. We knew they’d really listen to what we want. This partnership means we get exactly what we need, maximizing space and laying out the bar in a great way, which makes it easy for our team to serve the best drinks possible to our customers.

Case study - The Fleece, Yorkshire
Case study - The Fleece, Yorkshire

"Flexbar gave us the perfect solution."

‘Our customers deserve perfection, so we needed to be comfortable that we hadn’t chosen a ‘style over substance’ brand. Our chain of bars has to work effectively and efficiently as well as look the part.

People expect their drink to be served at the correct temperature and by using Gamko equipment, we were confident we could do that for all our customers time after time.
‘We need our bars to work hard for us in different ways. Being able to store wine at the optimum temperature in an appealing fashion, and having our draft beers easy to pull from is important, Flexbar gave us the perfect solution. Alongside that we have our separate gin and champagne bar, which requires different things from us as a business. We let Stuart know the vision we had for the end result, and his expertise meant he could guide us through the Gamko range to make it become a reality.’

‘We turned to Gamko UK to provide the bar as we knew they’d really listen to what we want. This partnership means we get exactly what we need!’

Stuart Grieves, Business Manager for Gamko UK explained: ‘We love working on projects like this!  The team from The Fleece told me what they needed and allowed me to develop their vision using our Flexbar system. Flexbar is absolutely ideal, and the Seafood Pub Company have utilised everything the system has to offer here, and in other sites as well.

Although the actual system itself is simple, it allows my team to use the available space as efficiently aspossible, making sure the bar flows properly and fits in seamlessly with the aesthetics. Its simple stylish design, with the range of additional options,means it looks perfect in The Fleece and we’re delighted we got to work in partnership with Neil and the team’.

Alongside Flexbar, The Fleece chose Maxiglass cabinets to complete their refrigeration needs. The traditional style bottle coolers with fantastic
temperature stability and exceptional capacity in their class complemented the bars in an area where space was not at such a premium.

Case study - The Fleece, Yorkshire

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