An interview with Pritesh Mody

We spoke to our favourite flavour expert Pritesh Mody on all things drink!


The importance of bar layout

"There's nothing worse than a poorly designed bar."

Its all good having a great looking bar, but functionality is the most important part of it. As a cocktail developer, we’re tasked with providing cocktails for hundreds of venues around the country.

But there’s only so much that we can do and there’s nothing worse than a poorly designed bar. There’s not a lot that our clients need, just good refrigeration, enough refrigeration and refrigeration in the right places.

The fridges need to be accessible; the ice needs to be on hand. If your staff can’t actually make a quality drink, then the whole purpose of the bar as fallen apart.

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Chilling your equipment
and glasses

Temperature is a hugely important part of how we experience flavour. What’s interesting is that when you chill a drink down, the drink evolves in the glass. The temperature starts to increase ever so slightly, the aroma starts picking up and you get an evolution of flavour and an evolution of the experience.

Why not keep your core spirits in the fridge so they come out cold? Think about even chilling down your utensils, your glassware, all the components of the cocktail making process.

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Pritesh's top tip

Sherry and vermouth are massive at the moment, that fortified wine sector. I cant believe the amount if times I see open bottles of vermouth just sitting on the back bar oxidising away. Its really important that they go straight in the fridge because otherwise you’re just going to oxidise all of the flavour, you’re going to waste the product and the consumer is going to get a really bad experience if they’ve got this basically half bottle of vinegar going into their Negroni!

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Did you know...

That music can affect drinking behaviour?

When there is loud music playing, people feel sweeter flavours more and that encourages people to drink faster. So if you’ve got a higher energy environment, you’re probably in a warmer room because there’s loads of music and dancing, your brain hooks into the music, into the rhythm, and into the sweetness and you drink faster.

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