Introducing… E3

More space, less energy

Space and time. Two things, as a bar owner, you’d always benefit from having more of! Our specialist refrigeration engineers and bar designers are always looking for ways to make our equipment work smarter for you.

Our E3s can hold up to an impressive 722 bottles at a time! A single 3 door E3 can hold 127 more bottles than two standard format bottle coolers… all on a smaller footprint! This gives you more space to accommodate more paying customers, or to expand your range of equipment, increasing your service offering.

The E3 is available as plug ready or as a remote, so you can save even more room by having the condensing unit in a different location. A remote system offers less noise and heat in your bar area, making it a better working environment for your staff. Learn more about remote vs plug ready systems here.  

Reliable refrigeration is the lynchpin of a successful bar. Our E3 range has proven to be not only reliable but has a powerful cooling system which offers quality and rapid cooling with low energy consumption.

Beneath the good looks, the E3 is a technical masterpiece. Thanks to the TotalChill smart cooling system, drinks stored within the E3 cool down equally and even faster than ever, no need to worry about ‘hot spots’ or long pull-down times when the unit eventually needs refilling.

Our dedicated engineers have reduced energy consumption by 60% compared to previous models, saving you money whilst being environmentally responsible. Fast, smart and economical, the E3 is the first bottle cooler on the energy list of Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) and is listed in the top 10 of most energy-efficient beverage coolers in Europe.


Every bar is unique, with its own style and vibe, so why settle for standard refrigeration when you can get distinctive bottle coolers like the E3? Increasingly, the bar itself forms part of the concept and design of the establishment, which is why the E3 range has options such as coloured lighting, and different styles (solid or glass) and materials for the doors (stainless steel or anthracite).

It’s not all about appearance though, our E3 range includes optional drawers, which are a practical way to increase efficiency and is a tried and tested favourite of bartenders all over.

Locks are standard on glass door units, and optional on solid door and drawer units, so your stock will be secure during downtime. 

With robust hinges and handles, our E3 is designed to be at home in a busy environment, where the units are heavily used. 

Want stylish, energy efficient refrigeration with unmatched capacity? Then E3 is for you.

Watch our E3 video and see all its advantages at a glance!

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