FLEXBAR Barista station

FLEXBAR Barista station

Flexbar, the perfect partner for a Barista coffee station

Gamko extended its Flexbar range to offer the Barista Coffee Station – a neat, all in one under counter offering to store everything you need for that perfect cup of coffee.

You can choose how many models you would like in your Barista Coffee Station from two to five or even more depending on how small or large the area is that you have available for a coffee station. A Gamko representative can talk through with you the options in more detail.

What Gamko Flexbar offers to a Barista Coffee Station:

  • Milk-products cooled
  • Drawer module for heating coffee cups
  • Neutral element for installing services, water filter etc.
  • Neutral/refrigerated drawer element for coffee knock out and other waste (Marc à Cafee)