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What is Flexbar

Flexbar is the Market Leading refrigeration system which allows you to create a stunning bespoke bar for any space or environment. The nature of the system means the possibilities are endless!

With a Range of tempretures, from freexers and refrigerated cabinets through to ambient storage and even heated areas. Flexbar delivers the perfect solution to every drink you would want to serve your customers.

  • A complete answer fo all drink serving and storage
  • Choice of Anthracite, Glass, or Stainless Steel finish
  • Choices of White or Coloured LED lighting
  • Remote or Integral refrigeration unit
  • Simple to assemble camlock design
  • Easy to service 'cassette' system
  • Central Electronic Locking
  • 'Equip' your design to suit your bar

 See Flexbar in Action

Choose your Gamko Flexbar in 4 steps:

Step 1
Select a machine or evaporator unit and incorporate a Central Electronic Locking System if you want one.

Step 2
Connect refrigerated sections to the machine or evaporator unit and finish it with a set of end panels.

Step 3
Complete your bar by incorporating freezer or cooler units, corner pieces, unrefrigerated sections, counter tops, barista station and cocktail accessories.

Step 4
Send your sketch and wish list to us. Flexbar can also have a glass drawer and door fronts if required.